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To Elara

Who is Elara?

A multi-purpose bot that has many features, such as:

Moderation Commands Information Commands User Commands Logging Commands

+ so much more!

Logging Features

Elara's logging features allow server managers to better monitor their members actions. Since Discord is such a vast and extensive platform it might be hard for moderators to keep track of all users. Elara fixes that issue by logging all events from the audit log + more.

Some of Elara's logging feature include:

Server Update
Channel Create Update Delete
Role Create Update Delete
Message Update Delete Bulk Delete
Emoji Create Update Delete
Event Create Update Delete
Member Join Update Leave Kick Ban Unban
Invite Create Delete
Thread Create Update Delete
User Update (Username / Discriminator / Avatar)
Voice Join Switch Leave


Here you can find some commands that can be used to customize and activate Elara's features as well as customize your server.

/config view to see the current settings for the server.
/config channels misc to configure settings for a channel.
/config toggles to toggle a certain feature on or off.
/config to manage settings.
/config roles to set the welcome/auto-join role.

Want to keep up with the updates or suggest new features?

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