User Commands

Prefix: e! or @Elara#1162 

[] - required

<> - optional

rep [@user/id] | Gives rep to the user you mention!

replb | Shows the rep leaderboard

custom [type] [thing] | Changes your custom banner, color, description

afk <message> | Sets your status to AFK and optional message added. This goes for all servers.. 

heart [@user] | Gives a user you mention a heart!

profile <@user> | Shows the profile for you or the user you mention 

todo [thing] | Add something to your todo list..

todo- [number] | Remove the todo from your todo list, if you ain't sure on the todo number use the todos command

todos | Shows all of your todos.

clearalltodos [y/n] | Clears all of your todos Action isn't reversible