Information Commands

Prefix: e! or @Elara#1162 

[] - required

<> - optional

Bot Commands

ping | Shows you the message/bot latency and the uptime for the bot

uptime | Shows you the uptime for the bot

update | Shows you the recent logged update for the bot..

help <name>  | Shows you all of the commands or information on the command.

prefix | Shows you the prefix for the server

servers | Shows you the server list for the bot.

invite | Gives you the invite link for the bot

support | Gives you the support server invite for the bot.

info | Shows you the information about the bot

stats | Shows you the stats for the bot.

Docs Commands

dbl [@user] | Gives you the Discord Bot List information about a bot or user

docs [thing] <regular, commando, rpc>  | Gives you the discord.js docs information about the thing you search..

npm [package] | Gives you the npm package information

Normal Commands

avatar <@user> | Gives you your profile photo or the user you mention

discordcolors | Gives you all of the Discord syntax colors

emote [emoji] | Gives you the information about the discord/custom emoji.

imdb [name] | Gives you the information about the movie or tv show, from IMDB

inviteinfo [code] | Gives you the information about the invite

jumbo [emoji] | Shows the image of the emoji bigger

math [question] | Gives you the answer to the math question..

decode [code] | Decodes the morse code you give it.

encode [text] | Encodes the text you give it.

roblox [@user/id] | Gives you the roblox information for the user you mention.. if they are verified with RoVer

status <Discord, Paladins> | Checks the status of Discord or Paladins

time <location> | Gives you the current time of place or places

translate [tolanguage] [message] | Translate one thing to the language you choose..

twitch [name] | Gives you information about the twitch name you give. (DISABLED)

weather [location] | Gives you the weather information for that location

yt [video-name] | Gives you a random video for the thing you search

ytstats [youtube-channel] | Gives you the YouTube stats for the channel you provide

Server Commands

channelinfo <#channel/id>| Gives you information about the channel or the channel you mention

channels | Shows you all of the channels in the server

discord | Creates a invite for the channel you use the command in.

emojis | Shows you all of the emojis in the server

topinvites | Shows you the top invites for the server

membercount | Shows you the member count for the server

members [@role] | Shows you up to 25 members inside the role you provide

perms <@user/id> | Shows you what permissions you have or another user has in the server

playingstatus <@user/id> | Shows you the playing status of you or another user in the server

randomuser <@rolename/roleid> | Posts a random user in the chat.

report [@user/id] [reason] | Reports a member to the server's staff, if the server has a reports channel set

roleinfo [@role/name/id] | Shows you information about the role you provide

roles | Shows you all of the roles in the server

serverinfo | Shows you information about the server

suggest [suggestion] | Posts your suggestion in the set suggestion channel if there is one

whois <@whois>> | Shows your member information or another members information for the server