Fun Commands

Prefix: e! or @Elara#1162 

[] - required

<> - optional

Currency Commands

balance <@user/id> | Shows how much currency you or another user has in the server

deposit [amount] | Deposits your currency in your bank account.

withdraw [amount] | Withdraws your currency from your bank account.

daily | Collects your daily reward for the server, if you vote for the bot it will x2 the value of the reward and if it's the weekend it will x2 for the value aswell(this does stack)

flip [amount] | Flips your currency, It's a 50/50 shot on winning

leaderboard | Shows the leaderboard for the server, will not count currency in the bank

pay [@user/id] [amount] | Gives currency to the user you mention

reset-me [y/n] | Resets your currency and bank amount Action isn't reversible

rob [@user/id] | Robs the user you mention for currency

shop | Buy a boost from the shop with the currency

slots [amount] | Bet your currency on the slot machine

work | Work and get currency in the server

Image Commands

amber | Shows a Amber cat photo

admire [@user/id] | Admires another user

boop [@user/id] | Boops the user you mention and shows a boop gif

breed [type] | Shows a photo of the dog breed

cat | Shows a cat photo

cookie [@user/id] | Shows a cookie gif

dog | Shows a dog photo

garfield | Shows a garfield cartoon photo

hug [@user/id] | Hugs a user and sends a hug gif

husky | Shows a husky photo

giphy [thing] | Shows a gif for the thing you search for on giphy

meme | Shows a meme

PJ | Shows a PJ cat photo

poke [@user/id] Pokes a user and shows a poke gif

pug | Shows a pug photo

reddit [thing] | Shows a photo from reddit of the thing you search for..

sylvester | Shows a Sylvester cat photo

wanted [@user/id] | Shows a wanted poster of the user you mention

Normal Commands

8ball [thing] | Ask the magic 8 ball a question!

ascii [thing] | Makes your text into ascii text

dice | Rolls a die

fact | Posts a random fact in the chat

fortnite [name] <platform> | Shows the player information for Fortnite

fortune | Posts a fortune in the chat

google [thing] | Posts a lmgtfy link in the chat for the thing you want to google

emojiservers | Posts the lists for the global emojis and nitro emojis servers.

rate <@user/id> | Rates you or another user

reverse [text] | Reverses the text you provide

rps [choice] | Play rock, paper, scissors and try to win

ship [@user1] [@user2] | Ships two users to see what their love % is

throw [@user/id] <thing> | Throws a random object at the user you mention or you can provide something to throw